So the 2018 Elections will be interesting North Carolina's US House of Representives District 04.

     I filed July 28th, 2017 and was the only person running against the incumbent David Price. Till Von Loor filed with the FEC after talking to me and learning I had already beat him to it. So he filed August 8th and then the first democratic opponent. But things really didn't get heated till Feburary. Now Price has two democrats to fight and they both filed their FEC paperwork too. The libertarians have also joined the fight, but they have not filed with the FEC and technically they do not have to till they have spent 5k. However, I believe it shows you are serious and it shows I am paying for my own campaign outside the occasional donation.

     Now, unlike Von Loor, I do not want to run on the GOP ticket. I would rather do my own thing and I even did the unthinkable, I refused to hire a campaign manager. God and I have been discussing this campaign strategy, since December 2015 and no human can conceptualize and execute a perfect strategy without God's help.

     So grab the popcorn 🍿, candy🍬, or healthy snack 🥑 and pull up a seat 💺, because you will get to watch 5 people try to slaughter each other May 8th in the 2018 Primary. While us Republicans will laugh our asses off and save our energy to duke it out in the General against 1 Dem and 1 Libertarian!


The documents are my NC Board of Election petitions to run in the general election as a write-in candidate. Only registered District 4 voters can sign. If you wish to earn free swag by collecting signatures, please email me.